Installation Overview#

Phonein Intercom is the Phonein hardware that is installed inside your residence/office. In most cases, it will fully replace your intercom phone. With Phonein you will have all the functionality of your old intercom, including being able to speak to the guest and buzz them in directly from the device, but also you have the additional smart features used from your smart phone.

Purchasing the Hardware#

You may purchase Phonein from

What you'll find in the Box?#

Your Phonein hardware comes with the following:

  • The Phonein Device:
    • On the back you’ll find the QR code, necessary for activating your device.
  • Wall mount:
    • With this you can install your PhoneIn on the wall, either by using the sticky tape or screws for a more secure installation.
  • Wall charger:
    • Phonein has an internal battery, so you don’t need to leave it plugged in to the wall. However, the device is faster if it’s powered through the charger, so if you can leave it plugged in, that’s even better and we recommend it!
  • Screwdriver and wires:
    • You can use these to install your Phonein. For details, please see the installation guide.


This version of PhoneIn is a beta device, which means that it’s still under development. We work very hard, to make it better and better, so if you experience any problems with your Phonein device, please contact us at

Parts of the Hardware#

When you unbox your Phonein Intercom, you will notice a set of buttons on the front of the hardware. These buttons have the following functions:

  • Wifi Reset: Press and hold for two (2) seconds.
  • Factory Reset: Press and hold for 10 seconds.
  • Answer / Open: Answer the call, then open the door.
  • Reject: Reject access.
  • Volume Down
  • Volume Up
  • Reboot / Wake Up