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Phonein Documentation#

This page contains all official Phonein smart intercom documentation.

When you first receive your device, we recommend you proceed to the Installation Overview to get started.

For information on using your Phonein smart intercom, see the User Guide section

What is Phonein?

Installation Guide#

The Phonein smart intercom is installed inside your apartment or office as a replacement for the existing door phone/door intercom. There is no need to install anything outside of your apartment/office, nor notify your building manager about the change.

Phonein smart intercom can also be connected to an electric (strike) lock on your door. For more information, see the installation section on "connecting to a strike lock." This is not normally needed.

User Guide#

Control of your Phonein smart intercom is done through the Phonein Android or iOS mobile app.


If you have any problems with your Phonein, please check this Troubleshooting page, maybe we already have a solution for it. If it's not there, please contact us and we'll help you solve the issue!