Office Management FAQ

Should I add employees as full users in the app, or just send them digital keys?#

Both options are viable. If you want the employee to be able to create keys for others, answer the intercom from their mobile phone, and otherwise manage the Phonein account, you should give them access to the app.

If instead you want only want them to be able to enter the building, we recommend you only give them a simple key, and not add them to the list of users in the app.

How do I add employees to the account?#

Every Phonein device can have multiple users on the account. You can do this through the menu in the application

Can my former employees enter my office if they have Phonein app?#

If you add an employee to your account so they can use the app, you will need to remove them from your account to revoke their access. Once you’ve done this, even with the app they won’t have access to your office any more. You also may want to change any keys they may have had access to.

How many e-mail addresses can I attach to one device?#

Currently there is no limit to the number of account you can associate with a device!

Do I need permission from the house manager if I want to use Phonein?#

We wish we could give an absolute ‘no,’ but every situation and contract is different. Since the device only sits inside the apartment, you can add it just like you were replacing the existing intercom phone.

Can my employees still access the office if the electricity goes out in the building?#

If the power goes out in your office, some of Phonein’s features will likely stop working. This is because the wifi is needed to see if a key has been activated, or to forward the intercom call to your mobile phone. However, because the Phonein has a battery installed, it will still ring and function locally as your old intercom phone did.

If the power to the whole building is out, this often affects the intercom system entirely, in which case Phonein won’t be useful until the power comes back. When the power returns the device will automatically reconnect to everything needed.