Hosting FAQ

Do our guests need to download an app?#

Nope! A Phonein digital key is just a link, and does not need the application to be used by the guest. You can just send the link via the booking platform or any text communication channel. The app is only needed by the owner to speak through the intercom and create and share keys.

After our guest enters the building with Phonein, how should we let our guests into the flat?#

There are various options our users choose for this task. You can hide a key, use a lockbox by the flat door, use one of many smart-lock options available online, or simply leave the door open! In the future, Phonein will be creating our own smart-lock solution that works in tandem with the Phonein intercom.

I have multiple rental units that I would like to manage with Phonein. Can I add multiple devices to one account?#

Yes, you can add multiple Phonein devices to one account. By doing this, you will see all your Phonein devices in the app, and you can choose between them. When you share a key from a specific device, however, that key is only valid for that device.

Can I add my assistant to my Phonein account so he/she can control?#

Yes, when you add additional managers to your account, they will also be able to use and manage all the devices.