What is Phonein?#

Phonein is a universal smart intercom system that is compatible with building door security systems.

Phonein has two (2) parts:

  1. The Phonein intercom, or hardware
  2. The Phonein mobile app for Android and iOS

Once you have installed a Phonein device in your office or residence, you can open your door using your mobile device. You can also use Phonein to allow guests or employees access to your building or residence/office.

This website is the repository for all Phonein documentation. Here, you can find the Phonein Intercom Installation Guide and the Phonein User Guide for Android and iOS Users.

Use Cases#

Phonein comes in handy in many cases:

  • You have an appointment at home, but unfortunately, you have to leave urgently for a short time. Your guest can enter the building even if you arrive back in 30 minutes, so he doesn't have to wait outside.
  • Your kid lost his keys today, but you are still working. If you installed Phonein, you can give him access and he can let himself in with the app right away.
  • You forgot the appointment with the housekeeper and she can't enter the building because you're not home. Instead of rushing there, send her a link in SMS.
  • Your online orders will be in front of your door every single time.


Before purchasing a Phonein Intercom, make sure that:

  • Your building allows installation of a new, or replacement of its existing, intercom system, if any
  • You have access to a locksmith, if you don't feel comfortable tinkering with your existing intercom system. If you want to connect your Phonein with a strike lock, get a locksmith who can also work with electric locks.
  • You have either an Android or iOS mobile device that you can use with the system.

Release Notes#


  • Phonein Launch - This is the first version of the Phonein Smart Intercom device, shipping in Fall of 2021.

  • Phonein Go - The second version of the Phonein Smart Intercom device. Estimated shipping in 2022.

Mobile app#

Both Phonein Android and iOS mobile app are currently undergoing internal testing.

Getting Support#

If you encounter any issues while using your Phonein Intercom or the Phonein mobile app, you may get in touch with Phonein customer support for assistance.