Secondary provisioning method:#

If the Primary provisioning method doesn’t work for you for some reason, please follow this guide to provision your Phonein device.

  1. Download the app called ESP SoftAP Prov!

    Espressif provisioning app

  2. Switch provisioning modes on your Phonein by holding the wifi button on your Phonein device for 10 seconds!

    • The LED should be off now, with 2 blinks every 10 seconds.
  3. Press and hold the wifi button for 5 seconds!

    • The LED should be on now, with 2 “negative blinks” every 10 seconds. This means that your Phonein is ready to be provisioned.
  4. Start the ESP SoftAP Prov app.

  5. Follow the steps in the app

    • When it asks for a QR code, press “I don’t have a QR code” I don't have a QR code

    • When it first asks you to connect to your device, the SSID of your Phonein device should look similar to Phonein_123456.


    • When it asks for the proof of possession PIN, use the default “abcd1234”!

      Pop pin

  6. When the provisioning succeeds, the LED will turn off.

    Provisioning done

Your device is now ready to be used!

Push Notifications#

We saw, that the push notifications don't always arrive on a locked screen. We're working on it, but in the meantime, check these links, to make sure, your phone settings don't block the notifications: